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I wanted to create this group so that members can tell each other about artists that may not be well known, or who you think deserve a broader fan base. It's also a great place to just discuss your love of a particular solo or group artist and review their CDs, concerts and the like. In addition you can put together music or artist inspired outfits.

Knowledge Is Power

Posted By Samantha Sheppard on Aug 22, 2008 at 4:59PM

Have you ever been listening to your favorite station or tune in to a random station on a drive and hear a song that you really like but have no idea who could have possibly sung it? Or maybe you can catch a few of the lyrics but you can't seem to find it in a search online?

Well one of my favorite places to go to when this happens is yes.com As long as you know the station name or can sift through the list, yes.com will give you almost real time updated information concerning what's being played on your local station.

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Homage to the Failed Group Pretty Ricky

Posted By Samantha Sheppard on Aug 14, 2008 at 12:30PM

As many boy bands come and go, I was struck by the desire to discuss the group Pretty Ricky. I thought I would leave you with some facts with which to draw your own conclusion about Pretty Ricky and some pictures to help you create the visual a little more clearly.

.the Facts.

*although they are categorized as R&B, only one sings, the other three rap

*the outfits are reminiscent of days past, in the past for a good reason

*tracks discuss grinding on a girls body, having phone sex, and my personal favorite, peer pressuring a girl into having sex cause "they're ready and they know you want and need it"

.the Evidence.

This just might be the band that is SO bad that they're damned good and you can't help but sing when they're song comes on and in fact you can't look away. Shh! If you listen closely you can hear the panties of a 13 year old girl drop.

Soak in the proverbial car wreck that is Pretty Ricky

p.s. No one in the group is named Ricky

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Amy Winehouse - kicking it old school

Posted By Samantha Sheppard on Aug 8, 2008 at 3:53PM

With all the negative images and stories concerning Amy Winehouse in the media at present, I felt it was time to kick it old school and remember why we're talking about her so much in the first place...her talent. For some real pure Amy Winehouse pre tattoos and all check out some tracks from her first album Frank. Below are two "performances" done simply in a radio station..pure unadulterated Winehouse, sober (I think) with no fillers or preservatives.



Glow in the Dark Tour - August 6 2008

Posted By Samantha Sheppard on Aug 8, 2008 at 3:14PM

I went to my first concert which was to see Kanye West perform in NYC @ MSG (Madison Square Garden). My initial thoughts were that the entire concert would be done with the lights off and he would be glowing but essentially it was an outer space themed performance with acting interludes to lead into his hits and tracks of his latest album. Only one track was missing which I really wanted to hear which was the "New Workout Plan" but Kanye really pulled out all the energy and gave 110%.

Will.I.Am was in the crowd along with Andre 3000 and Q-Tip and performances were made by Consequence, N.E.R.D, Lupe Fiasco & a new group called He Say She Say. The concert ended with a surprise appearance from Jay Z and promises that a Blueprint 3 album will be coming out in the near future with tracks produced by "Kanye to the" himself. This concert was a great experience and was worth the price of floor tickets. It lasted from 730 until 12 AM and was worth the wait.

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